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There were so many names for German goal scorers that when they were listed they looked like movie credits. Let that sink in.



Brasil 1-7 Alemania
1 por Chile
1 por México
1 por Colombia
1 no era penal
1 sí era gol
1 por ladrones
1 por las lagrimas de los verdaderos cracks



Germany better kick Brazil’s dirty playing, fouling ass.


I am honestly revolted by this game. It disgusts me that Brazil NT have the most horrid sportsmanship I have ever seen. This match is bought and I am literally in tears because this game is revolting. I will never support Brazil ever. Colombia has fouls when they barely do anything, and Brazil practically kill Colombia and they don’t even call a yellow. This game is disgusting, and I will not be able to watch the World Cup if Brazil wins. And that “offside” that was not offside.


I am convinced Brazil bought this game. The Colombians have been on fire all this Cup and the treatment they’ve been getting right now reeks of foul play. I’ve been neutral until but it makes sense since many Brazilians were unhappy with the a World Cup expenses and stuff. Winning would be the perfect distraction


Brazil vs Colombia, more like Brazil trying to injure James, with the aid of a bought referee.